Life Imitates “Art”

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A couple months ago, I included this panel in a cartoon featuring advice for Romney, who was floundering in the polls to human-turdburger Rick Santorum. This caused James Lipton to lose sleep and productivity as he thought about the imaginary job I conscripted him for. (Sorry, Mr. Lipton!) He took the job seriously, and produced this hilarious video and an accompanying article. Check it out.

This is the closest I’ll ever come to interacting with someone involved with the greatest sitcom ever, Arrested Development.

5 thoughts on “Life Imitates “Art””

  1. I find much of your material bitingly funny but a substantial portion of it like the last panel of your Advice To Mitt. In it, Mitt wheedles to his advisor (Campbell Brown’s hubby?)that “These are jokes” and the advisor suggests that they may be, but they might be less ludicrous than reality. For instance, your comics today in the Times about Banking Reform. Way less ludicrous than reality and that, in a sad way, is fucking sad. Hope you enjoyed May Day.


    Colin Hester

  2. The greatest sitcom was “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The episode when they found a turd in the bed was from outer space. I thought I had done a pile of drugs. Then when that chick took a dump in that other chick’s purse, I knew there was hope for the world.

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