New Bank Reforms/How They Lost $2 Billion

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Since both cartoons this weekend were about JPMorgan’s huge loss, I figured I’d lump ’em into one post. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is also on the board of the NY Fed. I’m sure he is super-great at oversight besides this little $3+ billion whoopsie-daisy. He’s against even the lukewarm reforms that were included in Dodd-Frank following the 2008 economic collapse.

And speaking of Dodd-Frank, it really is only half-written. Two years after it passed. Check out the page for the House Financial Services Committee and get a load of these regulation-hatin’ morons bitching about the rules they’re supposed to be writing.

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And as I noted in the tag at the bottom of the comic, that loss increased by at least another billion in the week since I drew this cartoon.

4 thoughts on “New Bank Reforms/How They Lost $2 Billion”

  1. Loved the cartoon (as always). One little thing, though: I presume your pairing the image of Robby the Robot (“Forbidden Planet”) with a play on a catchphrase of the Robinsons’ Robot (“Lost in Space”) was deliberate … right? Because a lot of folks DO mix those two iconic robots up, you know. Just wondering.

  2. Yes, you certainly did. But again, I was merely curious whether it had been done deliberately, for artistic purposes. (For instance, Robby is perhaps the better-known of the two, and you may have wanted a robot more readers would recognize.) I gather, though, that the conflation was inadvertent. Oh, well.

    Did you know both robots had the same “parent”, designer Robert Kinoshita? Turned 98 in February.

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