The Many Uses of Police Drones

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I’m loathe to admit it, but I got the idea for this cartoon after reading something in HuffPo. Ubiquitous CCTVs are bad enough, but giving them the gift of flight is something not even Orwell imagined. Almost as ubiquitous as the drones are excellent cartoons about them. Check out Tom Tomorrow’s and Mark Fiore’s takes on those eyes in our domestic skies.

As for CISPA, it’s worse than SOPA/PIPA, but I guess we all got internet-privacy-fatigue and stopped caring. But if you still do, help stop it.

And a bit of housekeeping, Big Fat Whale returns from hiatus next week. I have some other projects that converged into a deadline singularity last week, and since BFW pays shit, I decided to have outdoor fun over the holiday weekend rather than catching up on work. It was awesome. I hope your weekends were just as swell and lazy.