Box Office Duds

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I enjoyed “The Avengers,” but “The Dark Knight Rises” is the only summer blockbuster I’m looking forward to. Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” is the movie I’m most anticipating this year, but it’s not coming out until the fall. I guess the awesomeness that is summer television will have to tide me over.

No snark either. Breaking Bad, Comedy Bang Bang!, and a bunch of other shows are entertaining me much more than the ridiculous news stuff I have to follow for that other comic strip I do.

Scott Brown’s Debate Rider

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The senate race here in Massachusetts is pretty dumb, because of the media and the fact that both candidates aren’t that great at politicking. Warren’s obviously better on the issues, but her campaign has had its share of goof-em-ups. I am for as many debates as possible, since I have no interest in following the campaign trail kabuki theater for the next four months.

Are You Suffering from … Election Fatigue?

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If you’re generous, you could say this a sequel Horse-Race Journalism Playbook. If you’re me, you could say I went to the same well and dredged up similar jokes. Following the campaign coverage has made me even more cynical about politics than I already was, so it’s impossible for me to treat the campaign as anything but the kabuki theater it is. Nothing that happens in the campaigns between now and Labor Day will really matter to the outcome.

That’s not to say that actual issues, like the economy, Supreme Court rulings, Obama’s robo-murdering and stuff we can’t predict won’t heavily influence the outcome, but the way the campaigns react to it don’t really matter, except for the media, who love viewing every news story through the lens of the election and poll results. It’s summer, and they have yachts they’d rather be on than at their desks.

Barack Obama’s Time-Traveling “Kill Lists”

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This comic was largely inspired by this NYT article and another from Newsweek that appeared earlier in the week. It’s basically a sequel to this cartoon I drew before any of the details of the targeted strike program came to light. Obama’s decision to do this is purely political. He is driven by fear of having a terrorist attack occur on his watch, because the GOP will beat him to death over it. Either that, or the part of his brain that remembers Constitutional Law has suffered a debilitating stroke.

Colbert had an excellent segment about this nonsense last Thursday:

Big Fat Whale returns this Friday with a Book Bin! Sorry for the hiatus, but I had to sync up my schedule in preparation for a busy summer.