R.N.C. Preparedness Kit

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A bunch of dummies are in Tampa pretending to make their hatred of Obama look like excitement for Mitt Romney.

I only briefly touched on Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” comments because I figured some other old Republican guy would say something dumb about lady parts in the interim. And I was right. Not sure how I can make a career out of commenting on political news, when one party only talks about lady guts … and cutting taxes for “jerb kreaters.”

Presidential Campaign Reporting for Dummies

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Whoops, forgot to post this last week. Thankfully the media’s still dumb, so the cartoon remains relevant.

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been way behind on Big Fat Whale and other online things that don’t pay. I’ve been Having a Summah as dictated by the summah philosopha known as Howard Kremer. I’m also working on some other stuff, but really it comes down to economics and wanting leisure time. 16+ comic panels a week, with my stilted drawing style is exhausting.

Hopefully things will get back to normal as the weather gets gross and I’m stuck inside with nothing else to do but draw.

Guns n’ Dum-Dums

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I drew this after the Aurora, CO and the Wisconsin Sikh shootings, and sadly another mass shooting has apparently happened today. We’re averaging something like 20 of these every fucking year. I had no idea it was that high until recently, when these shootings interrupted the usual “silly season” reportage. No regulations will ever get passed, despite whatever NRA conspiracy says about Obama wanting to “take yer gunz.” The only way to protect ourselves is to gather every platitude-ridden speech from both sides of the aisle, stuff them in our shirts, and hope that’s enough padding to stop all that unregulated semi-automatic gunfire.

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I don’t watch a lot of live television, but thanks to YouTube and stupid media outlets embedding ads for “discussion and analysis,” I’ve seen my fair share. They are all dumb, but if you’re targeting people who make decisions based on commercials, being dumb helps.

Fighting the Culture War

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We’re balls-deep into Silly Season, so we spent a week arguing about chicken sandwiches instead of shit that really matters, like income inequality and voter disenfranchisement. Matt Bors tears the stupidity apart more eloquently here.

Hopefully we’ll fight over condiments this week. I’m pre-emptively taking sriracha’s side.