My Dumb Voice

While I was in DC last week for Damn Cartoons, I was asked to appear on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, DC’s NPR station. Along with Pulitzer-winning cartoonist and all-around funny guy, Joel Pett, we talked about the campaign, editorial cartooning in general, and the important work done by the Cartoonists Rights Network at home and abroad.

I had a lot of fun, and this is the first time I’ve done a radio interview that actually made it to air. It could very well be the last time too, so enjoy!

Here’s the link to our segment. It runs about 23 minutes.

UPDATE: I forgot I did this four years ago for BBC Radio 4, so I guess this is the first time I’ve been on US radio.

Rahm’s Replacement Teachers

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I regret not calling them “scabs,” which is what they are, but for some dumb reason “replacement refs” has caught on. And I have to admit that I’m a hypocrite and continue to watch the games. BUT I’m boycotting the NFL’s advertisers by not buying shitty light beer, a pickup truck, or dick pills. So stay strong, referees who don’t suck!

Romney/Ryan Campaign Gear

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Sorry for yet another delay, but thems the breaks with free content. I’ve also had a slew of computer/electricity troubles, but at least I got a computer from this decade out of it.

Fair Warning: If you’re in the “DO YOU WANT OBAMA TO LOSE?!” freakout squad, you might want to skip next week’s Obama/Biden version of this cartoon.

This is your last chance to buy tickets to see me babble incoherently in DC tomorrow. Many of my more-qualified colleagues will also be speaking, so it’s worth it even you hate my guts!

Fall College Courses

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I’ve been out of college for over a decade now. If any of these classes were available back then, I’d probably be better suited for the political/media hellscape we’re living in today.

DC area residents, don’t forget! I’ll be in your town along with a bunch of other cartoonists this weekend. There are a couple of events for the public on Friday and Saturday. Check Damn Cartoons for details and to get tickets.

D.N.C. Swag Bag

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There’s a thing going on in Charlotte, NC. I like some of the speeches. Clinton’s and Elizabeth Warren’s especially. But speeches are what people say to get elected. Of course they’re not gonna mention NDAA, Gitmo, drone strikes and a bunch of other crap this week. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

If you’re in DC, I’ll be there with a bunch of my cartoonist pals for #$&%! Cartoons next week at George Washington University. Events are open to the public, and I’ll be giving a little talk at the Saturday event. Make sure to to get tickets ahead of time.

I’m hoping I’ll have some free time to escape talking about politics and visit the Air and Space Museum again.