Lost: Issues

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Look at me getting all holier-than-thou at the peak of election season. But no mention of climate change in the first three debates is pretty egregious. I know there are many more important issues I left out, but hopefully I can get to them when things go back to their regular level of crazy after the election

Obama/Biden Campaign Gear

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It’s a new BFW! Here’s what I wrote on the front page about that:

Okay, so BFW’s return from hiatus was premature. The fact is that Big Fat Whale earns me pennies, even though it takes nearly as much effort as The Strip, which pays my bills and has many more readers. (A few million or so.) After the election, I’m going to try to incorporate The Strip into this site, so it doesn’t get so stale and showcases my best and most current work. And when the spirit, or someone’s pocketbook, moves me, I’ll continue to post new BFWs as well.

This week also marks 11 years since I made the ridiculous decision to start a weekly comic strip in an industry that was just about to start its precipitous decline. I stuck with it for a decade, because I refused to work an office job, and that stubbornness paid off last year with the NYTimes gig. If you told that to 22-year-old me, I would’ve punched you for being so sarcastic.

Debate Improvements

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Between the presidential and Massachusetts’ Senate debates, I’m already suffering from severe debate fatigue and it’s barely October. This is the first election cycle where I’ve been obligated to pay attention to everything. And it’s grueling. Politics is as dumb as sports, but not entertaining, and has consequences for everyone, regardless if they’re paying attention.

Obama really stunk up the joint on Wednesday. Romney did too, by lying out of his magic underpants, but apparently he was the “winner” because … optics?

I’ll try to get some non-election cartoons done this month, but who knows.

In Search of the Afghanistan War

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We’re still at war. In Afghanistan and also in all the undeclared places where our drones are killing people. Even if you lack empathy for all those dead foreign civilians, this shit is going to come back and haunt us. I don’t know if you noticed, but an unhealthy desire for revenge isn’t just a trait we Americans have.

I was familiar with “In Search of..” before “Star Trek,” but my first real introduction to Leonard Nimoy was as the soundcheck voice at Boston’s Museum of Science’s Omni Theater. He spoke-sang a silly song, but it wasn’t quite as ridiculous as this: