Lost: Issues

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Look at me getting all holier-than-thou at the peak of election season. But no mention of climate change in the first three debates is pretty egregious. I know there are many more important issues I left out, but hopefully I can get to them when things go back to their regular level of crazy after the election

2 thoughts on “Lost: Issues”

  1. Dear Brian McFadden, I didn’t get to see your Oct 21 cartoon until this morning, Nov 8—-and there’s your cel about “East Coast sea levels rising” “Eh, but it’s nice today” !! LOVE IT!!! You got that one right!! I’m hoping that Sandy will help people see that climate change is real, and we should be doing something about it. Just wanted to applaud you for that whole cartoon. Really right on the money. Good work!! Cheers—Ellen Mandel

  2. Thanks, Ellen!

    Obviously I wasn’t planning for it, but Sandy really drove the point home. Sadly, I think we’re a couple more disasters away from real consensus on doing something about climate change.


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