D-Plus Solutions for D-Plus Problems

D+ Solutions for D+ Problems

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A long time ago, before I started a career in the silly-picture business, I studied mechanical engineering. At the time, I thought of civil engineers as lazy folks who couldn’t handle the systems and dynamics involved with mechanical engineering and opted for the relative ease of designing static bridges and levees instead. I was kind of a dick back then.

The truth is that civil engineers design and make most of the shit we need to live in the modern world. And when they say our shit is falling apart and in need of repair, I tend to believe them. Their grade went up a bit from a D to a D+ in the four years since the last report, and most of that improvement can be attributed to the 2009 stimulus and rail monopolies improving stuff they own; not the socialist roads and bridges we use every day.

A lot of dummies will decry infrastructure improvement as EVIL GOVERNMENT SPENDING. But done right, it’s actually an investment that can grow the economy by adding jobs and making private business operate more efficiently. Those who disagree are free to use only private roads and bridges, and shit in a bucket in their backyards instead of using our collective commie sewer systems.