7 Epic Congressional Fails

7 Epic Congressional Fails

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Whoops! I forgot to post this on Monday. The nice weather is making me dumb.

Besides a critique of those ever-present listicles, this is a hodgepodge of news I missed while Boston was engrossed in Marathon madness.

Austerity is bunk, and its biggest advocates, Reinhart and Rogoff, are being pretty petulant about being exposed as lazy hacks. I’m glad it happened, but it shouldn’t have taken a grad student at UMass to expose this fraud. Anyone who watched even a shitty History Channel documentary about the Great Depression could tell you that when they tried austerity in 1937, it killed the recovery. Things didn’t improve until WWII happened. Government deficit spending came back in vogue, without anyone having to admit that austerity was a really bad idea.

I could post articles for every other panel, but it’s Wednesday and I’m busy writing next Sunday’s cartoon. In conclusion, I hate Congress.

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  1. You realize that merely illustrating a Paul Krugman column isn’t really funny, right? Even if you stamp the word “FAIL” on everything?

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