Handbook for Homophobes

Handbook for Homophobes

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Arizona’s terrible anti-gay discrimination bill was vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer, and now homophobes need all the help they can get.

Massachusetts might’ve been at the forefront of marriage equality, but anti-gay discrimination is still making news in our more regressive enclaves. Like almost everything in Southie, South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is run by terrible monsters. The dumb fucks are finally letting a few gays march in their celebration of day-drinking, but with this caveat:

The group, MassEquality, could not wear T-shirts or hold signs that include the word gay or refer to sexual orientation.

Presumably, attendees to the parade will still be permitted to wear their precious “Fuck Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts while shouting homophobic things about Derek Jeter. You know, “traditional Boston revelry.”