Austerity Survival Guide

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Unless you’re a rich dick, the “recovery” of the last year or so never materialized. Growth has been anemic, if at all, and unemployment is still at 9%! I know I’ve been harping on the unemployment thing, but it’s a pretty big deal. The more people who are working, the more revenues come in, even with the shitty Bush tax cuts being extended by Obama in perpetuity.

This Old Republican

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The debt ceiling debate is the stupidest fucking thing since the last stupid fucking thing. A sane person would have never allowed the economy to be held hostage by a bunch of rich jerks. But Obama’s either a chump, or a rich jerk. Either way, he now owns the second recession that will probably become a full-blown depression by next year.

There’s this thing called 9+% unemployment, that’s been hanging around for what, 3 years?  No one’s doing jack shit about it, because, uh, I haven’t figured that out yet.

Own Your Own Content Farm

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Today’s Sunday Review cartoon is about content farms. I’ve always thought they were garbage, but didn’t know how awful working conditions are for the “creators” until I read this article.

I’m almost recovered from moving, so hopefully things will get back on track this week. If you’re placing bets on a fight between me and queen-sized mattress, bet on the mattress.

Convergent Thinking Out of My Ass

So for yesterday’s Sunday Review cartoon, I set my sights on centrist pundits like Tom Friedman and his ilk, using a superhero trope. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that this was painfully similar to Tom Tomorrow’s take on our Centrist-in-Chief, until people mentioned it. It’s even a recurring bit of Tom’s, so the similarity should have been obvious to me from the earliest stages of writing. I guess I was blinded by my excitement at drawing Friedman in his underpants.

My sincere apologies, Mr. Tomorrow!

The State of Unemployment

Hey bloggerinos! Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier, but this past week has been a vile shitbag of delays. Anyway, I’m doing a weekly cartoon for the New York Times’ Sunday Review for the next couple of months. The first one’s already up and called The State of Unemployment.

I don’t think there will be much difference between what I do there and here at BFW HQ, except of course not swearing and focusing on current events rather than dick n’ fart jokes.

Matt Bors asked me a few questions about the gig, and you can find them and my answers over on Cartoon Movement. And Ted Rall has some insights about it as well.

The nearly two-day-late BFW comic is finally up too, but I’ll give that a post of its own in the morning.