Cartoonists Chit Chat

Since there aren’t already enough white guys discussing the news, myself and Matt Bors decided we’d give it a go in a Google Hangout last week. Here are the sloppy results:

We’re going to do another one this afternoon at 4EDT/1PDT so you can goof off at work. Check this post around then for the livestream, or follow Matt and me on Twitter for a link when we start. And this time I’ll lock my chair so I don’t constantly rock back and forth like a mental patient.

My Dumb Voice

While I was in DC last week for Damn Cartoons, I was asked to appear on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, DC’s NPR station. Along with Pulitzer-winning cartoonist and all-around funny guy, Joel Pett, we talked about the campaign, editorial cartooning in general, and the important work done by the Cartoonists Rights Network at home and abroad.

I had a lot of fun, and this is the first time I’ve done a radio interview that actually made it to air. It could very well be the last time too, so enjoy!

Here’s the link to our segment. It runs about 23 minutes.

UPDATE: I forgot I did this four years ago for BBC Radio 4, so I guess this is the first time I’ve been on US radio.

Romney/Ryan Campaign Gear

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Sorry for yet another delay, but thems the breaks with free content. I’ve also had a slew of computer/electricity troubles, but at least I got a computer from this decade out of it.

Fair Warning: If you’re in the “DO YOU WANT OBAMA TO LOSE?!” freakout squad, you might want to skip next week’s Obama/Biden version of this cartoon.

This is your last chance to buy tickets to see me babble incoherently in DC tomorrow. Many of my more-qualified colleagues will also be speaking, so it’s worth it even you hate my guts!

Mitt’s Speculative Financial Fiction

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Since Romney’s not releasing his returns, everyone’s having some fun with imagining what’s in them. I recommend checking out Jen Sorensen’s and Ted Rall’s take on it if you haven’t already.

I’m finally done with moving and back on my normal routine of sloth interspersed with manic battles against deadlines. More stuff should be appearing more often. Hooray!

Rest in War: The Iraq War

Electric Six – Clusterfuck

I started this little comic strip right after 9-11, not for political reasons, but because those attacks made me acknowledge my own mortality. There was no way I was going to spend years in a shitty engineering job, saving up to pursue to my real dreams, only to let some asshole kill me before I got to do any of the shit I actually wanted to do. Sure, it was Al Qaeda who brought that to my attention, but all sorts of assholes can end your life before you even get it started: Cancer, car accidents, wicked-fast adult-onset diabetes, etc. …, so get going, kids!

So I started drawing dumb, poorly-drawn cartoons about jerking-off and eating chicken wings. Simultaneously, America turned into a crazy jingoistic collection of shitheads. First the Afghanistan War, then the totally phony run-up to the Iraq War sparked my latent Massachusetts’ liberalism into full-blown opinionating. But don’t get me wrong; even though I’m now part of it, I still hate the media for the role they played in starting the war they’d rather forget. Occupy is great and all, but WAY more people took to the streets in opposition to that invasion; it just didn’t fit the media’s narrative at the time.

Anyway, that war ended yesterday, to no great fanfare, even though it has provided the political backdrop of my (totally fucked-up, but for unrelated reasons) adult life. And as my generation slowly ossifies into old-folks, I figured I should throw this out onto the Internet before I become an old guy with a mustache who champions wars for no reason at all.

Obviously I’ll never become the Mustache, but if any mall-heirs want to debate the issue, over steaks and shrimp-smoothies (That’s what you richies eat, right?) at the disgusting strip mall you inherited, I’m hungry enough to entertain you.

Here’s a  link to the Electric Six album the above-song came from if you want to buy it.

My #OccupyBoston Field Trip

Since the Occupy Wall Street thing has gained some traction, similar events have popped up across the country, including Boston. The Boston one started on Friday, and has been growing all weekend. I had nothing going on yesterday, so I put on some pants and checked it out.

The site’s in Dewey Square, on the Greenway, right across the street from Boston’s Federal Reserve. And unlike what I’ve seen and read about what’s going on in NYC, the police presence is minimal.

Most folks who weren’t in meetings or painting signs were standing across from South Station along Atlantic Ave., holding signs and sloganeering to passing traffic. The most enthusiastic honks came from taxis and truckers, and this spot is also where essential supplies such as pizza and coffee are dropped off.

I forgot to count all the tents, but I was glad to see that most people who are in it for the long-haul used proper camping techniques and utilized ground cloths and tarps. It’s been pretty rainy and miserable here, so pallets and cardboard are serving as make-shift walkways to keep things from getting too gross. There was one Ron Paul-themed tent, and it was kind of adorable, until you really think about the entirety of Ron Paul’s platform.

Don’t let the sloppy rigging of the media tent fool you; things are organized on the inside. It actually kinda looked like a Best Buy with all the monitors and computing power going on in there. I guess I’m technically a member of the media and could’ve gone in, but the Greenway has free wifi, and I don’t like talking to strangers outside of bar-type situations, so I pretty much kept to myself, except saying “no” to the dude who asked me if I had any rolling papers. Sorry, Tommy Chong!

For everyone saying the #Occupy protests have no agenda or demands; I found three signs in one spot that sum up the whole thing pretty succinctly. I’ve been saying similar things for years, so it’s sincerely heartening to see a bonafide movement coalesce around the same issues. I’ll keep visiting for as long as it’s going on, and maybe I’ll actually talk to some people next time.

This Old Republican

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The debt ceiling debate is the stupidest fucking thing since the last stupid fucking thing. A sane person would have never allowed the economy to be held hostage by a bunch of rich jerks. But Obama’s either a chump, or a rich jerk. Either way, he now owns the second recession that will probably become a full-blown depression by next year.

There’s this thing called 9+% unemployment, that’s been hanging around for what, 3 years?  No one’s doing jack shit about it, because, uh, I haven’t figured that out yet.

Republican Whisper Campaigns

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Now that the 2012 GOP campaign has kinda-sorta begun, they’ll inevitably be forced to shift from making up shit about Obama and start on each other. It’s unfortunate that the field is so weak and/or crazy. A viable candidate might’ve forced Obama to at least pay lip service to the concerns of the left, but now he can just point at the other guys and say, “Can you believe this shit?”

Next Week: Patents Pending