Cartoonist Survey

If you’re curious about what I do, and how I got started in this ridiculous career, I answered a few questions over at David Wasting Paper. Here’s an excerpt:

What is or was your favorite comic strip?
Groening’s “Life in Hell” will probably be at the top of my list forever. It’s influenced me in so many ways. I didn’t read alt-weeklies until college, so it was the first comic I read that catered to my more irreverent sensibilities. Even “Big Fat Whale’s” square, generally nine-panel format is a direct inspiration (or rip-off) from Groening’s strip. The list of my current faves is too long to list, but if I follow a cartoonist on Twitter, it’s safe to assume I’m eagerly awaiting their next strip.

Read the rest here.

BFW on Daily Kos!

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I neglected to mention this last week on account of the usual deadline craziness, but my comics have been added to the already stellar comics lineup on Daily Kos. Huge thanks to Tom Tomorrow and Markos for bucking publishing trends and expanding their comics section. It’s kind of surreal to be appearing in the same digital space as the cartoonists I’d read on Salon while procrastinating in my college computer lab, long before I thought about starting my own comic strip.

I’ll be posting either BFW or The Strip over there, every Wednesday night (Eastern Time). And when it’s a BFW cartoon, it’ll be before it appears here on Friday. But check back this Friday for a printer-friendly version of this comic.

Rest in War: The Iraq War

Electric Six – Clusterfuck

I started this little comic strip right after 9-11, not for political reasons, but because those attacks made me acknowledge my own mortality. There was no way I was going to spend years in a shitty engineering job, saving up to pursue to my real dreams, only to let some asshole kill me before I got to do any of the shit I actually wanted to do. Sure, it was Al Qaeda who brought that to my attention, but all sorts of assholes can end your life before you even get it started: Cancer, car accidents, wicked-fast adult-onset diabetes, etc. …, so get going, kids!

So I started drawing dumb, poorly-drawn cartoons about jerking-off and eating chicken wings. Simultaneously, America turned into a crazy jingoistic collection of shitheads. First the Afghanistan War, then the totally phony run-up to the Iraq War sparked my latent Massachusetts’ liberalism into full-blown opinionating. But don’t get me wrong; even though I’m now part of it, I still hate the media for the role they played in starting the war they’d rather forget. Occupy is great and all, but WAY more people took to the streets in opposition to that invasion; it just didn’t fit the media’s narrative at the time.

Anyway, that war ended yesterday, to no great fanfare, even though it has provided the political backdrop of my (totally fucked-up, but for unrelated reasons) adult life. And as my generation slowly ossifies into old-folks, I figured I should throw this out onto the Internet before I become an old guy with a mustache who champions wars for no reason at all.

Obviously I’ll never become the Mustache, but if any mall-heirs want to debate the issue, over steaks and shrimp-smoothies (That’s what you richies eat, right?) at the disgusting strip mall you inherited, I’m hungry enough to entertain you.

Here’s a  link to the Electric Six album the above-song came from if you want to buy it.

Interview with Me

If you’re curious about what I do, I did an interview with online zine, Bamboo. Here’s an excerpt:

The tone of “Big Fat Whale” is often acerbic and quite bleak. How pessimistic are you about the direction the country is headed in?

I’m very pessimistic for the short term. Until the current system is replaced with a functional government, nothing substantial is going to happen as our country slowly crumbles from neglect. As the past few years have shown, the GOP is willing to destroy the nation if it helps their chances in the next election, and the Democrats are unwilling to stand up to them for a whole host of reasons. As for the long term, once we hit bottom, things will have to improve, right?

I also talk about my early years, and the New York Times gig. Read the whole thing here.

Schedule Rejiggering

Rather than try to crank out three cartoons this week, I’m going to post the new BFW on Friday and give myself a bit of breathing room. Several freelance jobs need my attention, and I have one last move up a flight of stairs that’s probably going to keep me occupied most of Monday.

I’ll post something funny here tomorrow though, even if it’s just a drunken napkin-doodle from pub trivia tonight.

The State of Unemployment

Hey bloggerinos! Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier, but this past week has been a vile shitbag of delays. Anyway, I’m doing a weekly cartoon for the New York Times’ Sunday Review for the next couple of months. The first one’s already up and called The State of Unemployment.

I don’t think there will be much difference between what I do there and here at BFW HQ, except of course not swearing and focusing on current events rather than dick n’ fart jokes.

Matt Bors asked me a few questions about the gig, and you can find them and my answers over on Cartoon Movement. And Ted Rall has some insights about it as well.

The nearly two-day-late BFW comic is finally up too, but I’ll give that a post of its own in the morning.

What’s Your Food Excuse?

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Michelle Obama thinks people should shove less garbage down their maws. This has made a bunch of dummies angry. The real problem is that garbage-food is cheaper than the healthy kind, and people have no money because her husband is busy extending tax cuts for rich assholes instead of focusing on jobs.

There was a made-up controversy earlier in the week over this cartoon about Michelle Obama’s food-advocacy. It is not racist. It’s lame and unfunny, but not racist.

This is the 500th BFW cartoon, and in honor of that meaningless milestone, I shaved a couple bucks off the price of signed copies of Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums. Buy a copy today so I can afford to shop at the Whole Foods that’s moving into my neighborhood.

Next Week: New Careers in the New Economy

Server Migration

A quick service note, I’ll be changing server locations sometime this weekend. The site will be down for a bit, and if you have problems viewing it after that try clearing your cache.

My apologies to all of you weekend internetters.

Nondeductible Charities

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Here are some jokes for tax time.

I have nothing especially long-winded to write about them, so I’ll use this space to ask you to please consider buying the BFW book, Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums. It’s a bargain and goes a long way in keeping me in business as newspapers continue to struggle at figuring their shit out. And a big sloppy, wet thanks to everyone who’s already bought it!

I’m still in the early stages of planning new BFW t-shirts. A busy April and May probably means I won’t be making any decisions until June, so if you have any input, send it my way!

Belated news about original art. BFW has been all digital for over six months now, so there’s a limited supply of bristol board inked with my dick and fart jokes.

Next Week: Going Green Guide


Mike in the UK sent in this funny correction to panel three from last Friday’s The Metric Resistance cartoon:

I generally don’t believe in English authority over our shared language, but I’m conceding this point to him. Why? Every goddamn theater in Boston spells it theatre. And it’s not like the American spelling of liter was getting much use anyway.

But this isn’t over. I’ll be visiting London in May, and I’m going to hunt and gut all of their colours and humours until the Thames is choked with the carcasses of superfluous Us.