For the Record…

I’m pretty busy right now, but just wanted to say Jimmy Fallon sucks. Unlike Tina Fey, there’s no way Fallon will become a beloved comedy icon. That, and Tracy Morgan hates his guts. However, Conan will be on earlier, and Leno will ride his Dorito-mobile off into the sunset, so there are silver linings to this sad, unfunny cloud.

But I’m really a hypocrite. Much like Fallon, I giggle at all my comics while I’m drawing them. I also star in shitty movies in my spare time.

This Week in Innocuous Celebrity Body Parts

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Remember when everyone flipped their shit over Miley Cyrus’ shoulder? Real news outlets covered that hubbub instead of actual newsworthy events. Not much else to say about this one, except that I had to do some research about the tween idols. My original Saved By the Bell references just wouldn’t fly.

Next Week: Another Summer Blockbuster

Oh Poor Coogs

I watched a certain summer blockbuster yesterday and saw a rather troubling trailer. It appears to have a solid premise, but Hamlet 2 has at least one major problem: Steve Coogan’s distractingly inaccurate American accent.

It’s the sort of nasally, stilted voice hacky black comedians use when describing how us honkeys talk. Maybe it’s addressed in the movie, I don’t know. I love Alan Partridge and Tommy Saxondale, but since he’s virtually unkown in these here parts, some lame exec probably insisted on his character being American. Perhaps the half-assed accent is Coogan’s “Fuck you!” to that exec.

Also, 100,000 or so people died in a country that has never produced an entertaining comedy product.