Theocalypse Now

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We’re in what seems like the millionth month of this culture war bullshit. And that’s all it is. No one under 40 is debating the merits of birth control. The olds are having this debate because they don’t like the idea of relatively young folks doin’ it with (safe, and relatively consequence-free) abandon.  Maybe, and only maybe, a few dum-dums are arguing about abortifacients and abortion, and conflating them with contraception. But I don’t spend my time trying to figure out what’s going on in the minds of idiots.

Sorry there was no BFW last week. I sprained my ankle and had to spend a day figuring out my insurance stuff. I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan for the first time live, so my week was cut short.

Educating the Obvious

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The inspiration for this strip is this recent court ruling. That article features some great quotes from the teacher in question, James Corbett, such as “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.”

But unlike Corbett, I’m not actually anti-religion, just anti-know-nothings whose faith crumbles at the mere thought of anything beyond a literal interpretation of their ancient book of choice. And they’re bringing this country down into a stupid-hole we’ll never escape from. To see how far we’ve already fallen, check out this informative graph from Tony Piro.

And the latest Krugman op-ed details the terrifying reality of the Republicans being the anti-facts party, from science, to economics, to pretty much any fact a nerd has saw fit to put on Wikipedia.

Monster Scientific Apparatus Rally

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I love these wonderful science toys, but  PHDs need to come up with snappier names. What’s wrong with “Humongous Helical Magnotron?” Van De Graaff-Osaurus would also jazz up the Museum of Science’s Theater of Electricity. Yikes! That website is almost old enough to vote.

While putting stuff together for this cartoon, I came across this hilarious faux Monster Truck Rally commercial:

And while I’m YouTubin’, here’s the Large Hadron Rap you might’ve seen around the nerdosphere:

UPDATE: I was off on the amount of voltage. Van De Graaff generators are capable of producing much higher voltages, and it would take much more than 10,000 volts to zap a creationist. What can I say? I was a mechanical, not an electrical, engineer. Robots are better than breadboards. It’s a FACT!

Next Week: Sarah Palin Is Your Old Testament