Economic Executive Orders

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This was supposed to be Friday’s cartoon, but I had to put BFW on the back burner while I took care of that other comic that pays money. There will be another BFW posted on this coming Friday, or maybe Saturday morning depending on how things go. Either way, you’re getting what you pay for.

Since no piece of Obama’s jobs bill has any hope of getting through Congress, he’s been dabbling around the edges with executive orders. Pretty small stuff that will have no effect on the 9% unemployment that’s become totally acceptable to everyone who’s not hanging out in Occupy encampments.

Increasing Occupy’s Appeal

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This strip was inspired by a trip to a local dive bar where a chatty and inebriated construction worker was slagging Occupy Boston. Although he agreed with their grievances, he suggested they change things from the inside, by becoming CEOs, rather than making a mess of the city and traffic. His perception of the movement as a bunch of college-educated do-nothings is held by a lot of working class people, despite union support. I’m a fancy-pants elitist, so solutions to this inclusion problem aren’t exactly my strong suit.

Occupy Poor Street

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I’ve been doing a lot of cartoons about income inequality, unemployment, class war, and all sorts of economic bullshit over the past few weeks. I was hoping to branch out and avoid the subject for a couple weeks to focus on pointless wars, GOP dumbassery, and maybe even some science stuff over the next month. But Occupy Wall Street and similar protests popped up and forced my hand, resulting in this cartoon.

I am familiar with Billionaires for Bush, from those glorious days in the mid 2000’s, when we thought ironic detachment could affect change. Turns out actual, sincere civic engagement is far more effective! Except when it comes to making jokes. Next to Jay Leno, sincerity is the number one comedy-killer in America.

I listened to the Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist approximately a bajillion times while drawing this cartoon, and this song inspired the fifth panel:

UPDATE: A famous person tweeted a link to this cartoon. This is the closest I’ve come to celebrity since that time I met John Tesh.

Bank of America’s Future Plans

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The big greedy babies at Bank of America got mad that bank reform ended one of their methods for taking people’s money, so they came up with another way to make up the difference and appease their shareholders. It’s a flat-out lie that they need that money to pay for debit cards.

Take your money to a credit union, or a nice mattress rather than letting these bastards walk all over you and your money.

Economy weekend continues on Sunday in the NYTimes with a cartoon about Occupy Wall Street.

Class-War Action Toys

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Any time the prospect of raising taxes on the wealthiest by a measly few percentage points comes up, they start screaming “Class Warfare!” But you never hear the phrase as labor is decimated by stagnant wages, productivity squeezes, and a whole host of other unpleasantness that the middle class and poor have been put through.

Obama’s speech last week was all well and good, but he only talks that way when he’s campaigning. Fool me once…

Also, check out Matt’s comic about the “class war” nonsense.

Fall Trends Forecast

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Not sure what happened to summer, but now it’s fall. Maybe not according to the calendar, but if you could see me typing this in pajama pants, slippers, and a sweatshirt, you be convinced it was mid-October. Plus, I’m sitting on a pumpkin.

There’s no specific current event that led to this cartoon, just the ever-increasing income inequality gap and the ridiculous hobbies and interests of the idle rich.

Economic Stimulus Proposals

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The economy is still a shit-sandwich that we’re all eating. Except for the super-rich. Those fuckers are doing fine.

Next Sunday is the 10th anniversary of 9/11, so I’ll be doing something about that, if you were wondering when I’d be taking a break from hammering away at the economy.

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Mobility Unemployeds

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The government finally figured out that the scooter racket is a scam. And yeah, this is another cartoon about unemployment. It is way more important than the deficit, and actually a major contributor to it.

And minority unemployment is at Depression levels. We can gawk at what’s going on in the UK, but the conditions are the same, if not worse, over here.

Next Week: Alternative Economic Indicators