Smooth Career Move, Me!

I just found out about this latest bit of awesome from MIT’s Media Lab:

For those who don’t know, I was an engineering nerd before I became a cartoonist nerd. I probably don’t do enough math jokes to make it that obvious.

Anyway, this touchy-feely-projecto shit is going on just a mile or two down Mass Ave from where I’m illustrating fart jokes for pennies here in Davis Square. Clearly, there must be someone to blame for this injustice.

And it is 16-year-old me. If that curly-haired freakazoid did just a little better on his SATs, MIT wouldn’t have rejected him. He would have gotten his gentleman’s B thanks to MIT’s generous curve, and after some fuzzy steps I’m not too clear on, I’d be rolling profit. I’m kidding of course. One more year of programming or AutoCAD, and I would’ve gone mental.

I’m glad some folks can endure it to produce this cool shit. It won’t be long until my tweets are projected on public toilets.