Republican Recipes for the Hungry

Republican Recipes for the Hungry

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Massive cuts to SNAP recently went into effect, exacerbating the country’s already tragic hunger problem. Since the poor don’t make campaign contributions, the GOP couldn’t give a shit. When sequestration threatened to make air travel inconvenient for themselves and their donors, politicians from both sides rushed to exempt the FAA from the cuts.

Hunger is a year-round issue, but if the holiday season is making you feel exceptionally generous, consider donating to your local food bank. If you’re in my neck of the woods, the Greater Boston Food Bank helps many local families.

Fighting the Culture War

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We’re balls-deep into Silly Season, so we spent a week arguing about chicken sandwiches instead of shit that really matters, like income inequality and voter disenfranchisement. Matt Bors tears the stupidity apart more eloquently here.

Hopefully we’ll fight over condiments this week. I’m pre-emptively taking sriracha’s side.

Grocery Prototypes

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Some  jokes about food, drink, and doo-doo water. A tenuous link to the news can be made with this one because of the Oklahoma state senator who wants to ban human fetuses in food, which kinda-sorta applies to my stem-cell Taco Bell gag, but I drew this before that happened. I just wanted to make a juvenile damaged sphincter joke, but some jagoff made it timely.

But yeah, don’t eat fetuses.

What’s Your Food Excuse?

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Michelle Obama thinks people should shove less garbage down their maws. This has made a bunch of dummies angry. The real problem is that garbage-food is cheaper than the healthy kind, and people have no money because her husband is busy extending tax cuts for rich assholes instead of focusing on jobs.

There was a made-up controversy earlier in the week over this cartoon about Michelle Obama’s food-advocacy. It is not racist. It’s lame and unfunny, but not racist.

This is the 500th BFW cartoon, and in honor of that meaningless milestone, I shaved a couple bucks off the price of signed copies of Fun Stuff for Dum-Dums. Buy a copy today so I can afford to shop at the Whole Foods that’s moving into my neighborhood.

Next Week: New Careers in the New Economy

Genetically Awesome-ified Foods and Organisms

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This cartoon ended up being way too scatological, especially following last week’s fart-centric opus. I pledge to keep things to a more high-brow standard around here, at least for a few weeks, and only in the comics. I reserve the right to blog and tweet about farts and butts as often as my juvenile mind pleases.

As for genetically modified foods, I’m okay with them in theory, provided there’s rigorous testing to ensure they’re not going to fuck up ecosystems. But agribusiness isn’t exactly one to care about anything but profits. And anything done to food crops that helps feed more starving people is fine by me. Even it kills some stupid endangered animals.

Next Week: Horror Movie Marathon