Chumps at the Pump

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This is a popular topic among political hacks and dull water cooler conversation aficionados. I felt like weighing in anyway, and I needed a single panel idea to help me out after my ankle and a work trip slowed me down this week. The reality is that gas prices should be higher, enough to reflect its true cost, both on the environment and on the last 30 years or so of our fucked-up foreign policy.

After years and years, the Facebook fan page for Big Fat Whale is about to top 1,000. Help get it over that number! This is an important milestone for things that don’t matter at all, yet I check anyway, like the Red Sox’ 2012 spring training details. Oh boy, this is gonna be one stinker of a season.

Gas Prices

If unemployment figures and other important economic statistics were plastered on easy-to-read signs at every intersection, maybe dum-dums would finally realize how bad income inequality has gotten in this country and get mad for the right reasons. Of course, that would require them to understand the difference between average and median, so I’m just gonna stop that line of thought.

Put your diaper-pants on tomorrow morning! A shit joke is coming up in Friday’s cartoon!

The Gassy Guys

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Oh boy! Gas prices sure are high. I’m so insightful. Next week I’m going to do a cartoon about the poor quality of airline service, and the week after will feature a hilarious look at the differences between white and black people. However shitty you may find this cartoon, it’s still better than The Love Guru.

If you can’t get enough gassy humor, Jen has some jokes for you, and Ruben does too.

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