My Dumb Voice

While I was in DC last week for Damn Cartoons, I was asked to appear on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU, DC’s NPR station. Along with Pulitzer-winning cartoonist and all-around funny guy, Joel Pett, we talked about the campaign, editorial cartooning in general, and the important work done by the Cartoonists Rights Network at home and abroad.

I had a lot of fun, and this is the first time I’ve done a radio interview that actually made it to air. It could very well be the last time too, so enjoy!

Here’s the link to our segment. It runs about 23 minutes.

UPDATE: I forgot I did this four years ago for BBC Radio 4, so I guess this is the first time I’ve been on US radio.

Cartoonist Survey

If you’re curious about what I do, and how I got started in this ridiculous career, I answered a few questions over at David Wasting Paper. Here’s an excerpt:

What is or was your favorite comic strip?
Groening’s “Life in Hell” will probably be at the top of my list forever. It’s influenced me in so many ways. I didn’t read alt-weeklies until college, so it was the first comic I read that catered to my more irreverent sensibilities. Even “Big Fat Whale’s” square, generally nine-panel format is a direct inspiration (or rip-off) from Groening’s strip. The list of my current faves is too long to list, but if I follow a cartoonist on Twitter, it’s safe to assume I’m eagerly awaiting their next strip.

Read the rest here.

Accent? What Accent?

Hey you assholes! I’m still unpacking and thinking up a cartoon, but I thought I’d let you know you can now listen to Phill Jupitus’ BBC Radio 4 show about comics whenever you like. Now the foul language I spewed all over the British Isles is preserved for all eternity.

Apparently my swearing was allowed to air because of my accent. From the producer of the program:

I had to get that swear word signed off from the powers that are on
high!  We got away with it because of your accent I think - priddy

I guess it’s similar to how arse and shite are allowed on PBS when they run stuff from the UK.

You can find the audio embedded on this page. The bit with Jen, Mikhaela, Masheka, and myself starts around the 20 minute mark.

After listening to this program, it’s pretty obvious that I still overcompensate for my Boston accent. I tried to drop it in college because it was a source of much amusement for my peers. But now I add the letter “r” into places where it doesn’t even belong. Acknowledging this is the first step towards me becoming non-rhotic and proud.

That Was Unpleasant

Thursday night, right after updating this website, my video card went bananas. Because I am half-retarded, I didn’t figure this out until after I thought the OS was boned. Luckily I had an external hard drive that automatically backs up my comics and a beater laptop so I didn’t lose anything important or miss my deadlines.

It sucks to lose a day doing computerly housekeeping, but at least I got rid of a lot of the cruft that’s accumulated on my machine over the years. The only losses were some photos from college. But I don’t really need pictures of me giving the thumbs up in various stages of inebriation.