Internet Knockoffs

Internet Knockoffs
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If you don’t dick around on the web, this probably won’t make much sense to you. But if you’re not dicking around online, there’s no way you’d be reading my blog. So I’m gonna call you out as a dirty liar.

I did something similar in January, and it’s surprising how most of these new ones weren’t on my radar back then, except for steampunk and email scams, both of which are things I’ve had to quickly delete or scroll past every goddamn day since I first hooked up my Tandy to the outside world.

Bozadee Bopping could be the new Keyboard Cat, or maybe something like a rimshot to punctuate a sentence where a “Shut the Fuck Up” meaning was conveyed. For reference:

He starts Bozadee-Bopping at 3:27

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