29 Cent Book Bin

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Another late BFW. This one was supposed to be up on Friday, and was already written then, so it’s just an odd coincidence that it went up the day Bloomberg kicked out Occupy Wall Street. I was inking and coloring this during the whole eviction and jotting down a few ideas. Who knows if they’ll turn into a cartoon. I’m pretty fucking tired as I write this. They could all turn out to be incoherent garbage.

The only other thing I have to say about this cartoon is that the Heaven one is based on a real book. I browse the bestseller lists looking for material for this recurring bit, and was stunned to learn Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back has been topping the charts forever. I mean, of course it’s popular; people love feel-good garbage. I just mean it was off my radar, which is odd considering the author’s last name is Burpo.

Now to squeeze out a few nuggets of sleep before getting back into the cartooning grind.

Ask a Carny III

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Does it count as a recurring bit if I only revisit it once every three years? Either way, here’s 2008’s version. The first one was lost in the Great Shitty-Comics-That-Embarrass-Me purge when I redesigned the website in 2008.

Headed to the Brockton Fair this coming weekend to watch some cars smash into each other and look at gross things in jars, possibly while drinking shitty beer from a plastic cup and dropping my R‘s. I may bring a camera and file a report from the front lines of my hometown for you dearly neglected Big Fat Blog readers, so check back for that, and hopefully Friday’s cartoon will be on time and already up by then.

Next Week: Courting the Youth Vote

27 Cent Book Bin

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It’s another Book Bin, for those of you who are into that sort of thing. This cartoon was drawn in an Allentown Panera, mere inches away from a depressing series of call center job interviews. Apparently the AARP has to contract out some work to answer old people’s questions about how the midterm results will affect their lives. For $10 an hour, people can tell the olds that they’re shit out of luck.

I’m writing this from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It’s no wonder the state is the leading producer (Per capita, at least. California is probably tops in terms of gross {PUN INTENDED, MUTHAFUCKAS!} numbers.) of human garbage. It’s the only state where you can go to a Chick-Fil-A and see more gaudy handbags than creepy Christian evangelizing.

Back to the Lehigh Valley tonight to see Bob Dylan. FYI: I have tickets to a show, we are not friends.

Next Week: BFW’s Thanksgiving Parade

Ask a Carny II

Advice from the Midway
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You can find the first intallment here. I think it was Matt Bors who told me at the time that it should be a recurring bit. Dude knows what he’s talking about. This anonymous carny will get his own website if enough internet folk submit him questions. (Through me, since he shuns the internet because it exposes all the carny scams.)

And for all you touchy-feely hippies who think I’m being classist for mocking carnies, fuck you. They are terrible people who charge $4 for a corndog and harass you for not playing some dumbshit rigged game.

BONUS – My day at the Brockton Fair.

Next Week: Conservative Horror Comics