Goes Viral Goes Viral

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I’m a comedy nerd and have been a huge fan of Zach Galifianakis even before his “Late World with Zach” briefly made VH1 watchable. So unlike most people who have to follow politics for a living, I enjoyed Obama’s appearance on “Between Two Ferns” to plug the national insurance exchange website. At least it’s an intentional comedy program, unlike the Sunday shows which are all terrible and turn anyone who watches them into humorless prigs.

In actual ObamaCare news, Massachusetts’ insurance exchange remains FUBAR’d. My current insurance keeps getting extended, but I would like to have more permanent coverage. I am no longer a “young invincible” and would like insurance in case a lump starts growing in my balls or anywhere else, really.

More Billion-Dollar Social Media Start-Ups

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Facebook bought Instagram for a BILLION dollars. I think the math works out to thirty bucks a user or something similar, so it’s not that insane, given that the only product worth anything these days is one with free, user-generated content that shoves ads into those users’ eyeballs.

But I’m not anti-advertising. Those unseemly shill-bucks pay for great TV, and even subsidize what I do. I just want MY billion dollars. I really need a fleet of yachts with shark faces painted on the bows.