In Boardrooms Across the Country …

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Corporate profits are at an all-time high, but for some reason the economy’s still in the shitter. The reason? Trickle down economics doesn’t work. Corporations have no incentive to increase wages or create jobs, unless they’re thinking about the long-term macro-economic picture. If the rabble class has a few extra dollars, they’ll spend it immediately and create a multiplier effect on the larger economy, including the 1%’s obscenely large portfolios. But greedy fucks tend not to be that insightful.

Unions used to be around to fight for this stuff, but a bunch of dum-dums got conned into cheering their decimation thanks to the crab mentality. Now we’re all working our asses off, increasing productivity for corporate bottom lines without any benefits to ourselves. Shit is fucked up. If you’re not angry, you’re either rich, stupid or both.