One Nation, Under Surveillance

One Nation, Under Surveillance

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I generally try to avoid doing consecutive comics about the same topic, but last week, a few polls taken after Snowden’s NSA whistleblowing show that Americans support the snooping, especially when it’s falsely framed against terrorism.

The same country that accepts thousands of gun and traffic deaths, for the sake of personal freedom, cowers in a corner, pisses their pants, and hands over their privacy whenever the authorities whisper “terrorism” into their precious little ears.

Fifty years or so from now, when books are written about us, we’ll be labeled “The Scaredest Generation,” if books are still around in 2063.

Unpleasant Anniversary Activity Page

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There was an anniversary yesterday. And since I do an editorial cartoon every Sunday in the NYTimes, I felt obligated to address it. Obviously the attacks were horrible, and there was nothing funny about that day. Plus I don’t really have a unique opinion about what happened. (We all agree: It was bad.) The aftermath, however, is what has informed all of my political work ever since. America has been freaking-out for a decade now, with no end in sight. Reacting emotionally, rather than rationally, has become the norm, and politicians are rewarded for pandering to the electorate’s basest urges.

There is plenty of room to both mourn and honor those who were murdered, and have a healthy debate about our national reaction. Which in my opinion, has been super-fucked-up.


Unless the trillions of dollars and countless lives this country wasted in its decade-long post-9-11 freak-out were found in bin Laden’s compound, his assassination isn’t much of a victory. Revenge for the victims, sure. But we’re still broke, and full of adult babies who chant “U-S-A! U-S-A!,” blissfully unaware that their country is still crumbling around them.

More than the actual attacks, the celebrations of bin Laden’s death brought me back to the days and months that followed, where jingos waved flags around like a bunch of assholes.

However, I loved Sharktopus, and would gladly like to see Syfy make this movie. If they pay me.