Mitt Romney’s 2012 Gaffe Preview

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I’m still confident cartooning under the assumption that Romney’s getting the nomination, despite this week’s crazy fluctuations in South Carolina polls. He’s the only one with the money and establishment backing to move onto the bigger primary states. And yes, Ron Paul will continue to come in second, but he is running for the Republican nomination. They love wars n’ stuff. No way they’re nominating an isolationist.

Mitt Romney’s rich. Insanely rich. Besides being out of touch, it also means he has always gotten his way. Notice how whenever he’s challenged, either in a debate, town hall meeting, or news interview, he gets really snippy. If his poll numbers get desperate, we might see that snippiness escalate into a rich person’s version of a punch: the limp-wristed tossing of silver dollars at his target, complete with tennis-style grunting.

Check out Jen’s comic about Romney’s strapped-on-shittin’-setter. She managed to make a point about it, whereas I just referenced it, for giggles.

Funyuns are gross. My emergency vending machine snack of choice is peanut butter and cheese crackers, because I’m not a $250 million douche who likes fake onions.