Santa’s Intelligence Task Force

Santa's Intelligence Task Force

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A panel appointed by the White House after Edward Snowden’s leaks offered up some token reforms for the NSA. Along with the recent court ruling that the sweeping data collection is unconstitutional, a lot of folks are hailing it as the end of of the intrusive police state.

I’m not that optimistic. The panel’s proposals are minor, and more of the CYA variety than real reform. The DC circuit’s opinion will go all the way to the Supreme Court, where the odds of a shitty decision in favor of the NSA are quite high.

I also have another Christmas-themed comic up on Medium. There’s pooping in it.

Adults’ Letters to Santa & Cheer Up, Lame Duck

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For an atheist, I enjoy most of the trappings of the holiday season. Those pagans had some fun ideas. No wonder the Pope stole ’em. This is admittedly an attempt to use the holiday to slap a bunch of disparate news jokes into one comic. It was either that or 8 clumsy fiscal cliff metaphors.

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I forgot to post this last week because I am terrible at self-promotion. It’s still relevant, and will be for our entire lives, or until Congress decides to call it quits and turns the Capitol into a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Crappy Christmas Cards

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Too bad I’m not part-bear, because I’d hibernate through the entirety of this holiday season. But despite my best efforts, I can’t, so here are some goofy cards I quickly whipped up so I wouldn’t drown in eggnog and missed deadlines.

I thought the Tebow panel was ridiculous enough, but reality never ceases to amaze:

I’m a casual Patriots fan, but I’ll be rooting against this Tebow goober extra hard on Sunday.

29 Cent Book Bin

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Another late BFW. This one was supposed to be up on Friday, and was already written then, so it’s just an odd coincidence that it went up the day Bloomberg kicked out Occupy Wall Street. I was inking and coloring this during the whole eviction and jotting down a few ideas. Who knows if they’ll turn into a cartoon. I’m pretty fucking tired as I write this. They could all turn out to be incoherent garbage.

The only other thing I have to say about this cartoon is that the Heaven one is based on a real book. I browse the bestseller lists looking for material for this recurring bit, and was stunned to learn Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back has been topping the charts forever. I mean, of course it’s popular; people love feel-good garbage. I just mean it was off my radar, which is odd considering the author’s last name is Burpo.

Now to squeeze out a few nuggets of sleep before getting back into the cartooning grind.

Happy Climate Change Denial Season!

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Here in New England, the hinterland beyond New York most people forget about until some shitty movie about Southie comes out, it usually gets cold with a few flurries around the end of October, beginning of November. But last week’s freak October snowstorm that hit most of the northeast meant an early start to climate change denial season throughout the nation.

I was reluctant to do a cartoon that made so many parallels to the holiday season; I’m a post-Thanksgiving traditionalist. But Starbucks already changed their cups, and TV ads are already filled with elves and shit so I figured it’s fair game.

While reading up on climate change denial, I came across this funny song from Sydney band, Men with Day Jobs:

I also saw this great graph that illustrates how the deniers perceive the incontrovertible climate change data.

Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts
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If you’re like me and haven’t done any gift buying or making yet, maybe one of these will inspire you. Or not, and you’ll disappoint your friends and family yet again.

Although the Christmas shipping deadline for the Holiday Bargain has passed, the special pricing will remain in effect through the end of the month.

Next Week: 2010 Headline Wishlist

Atheist Holiday Traditions

Atheist Holiday Traditions
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This cartoon is more about including atheists in the winter holiday festivities than taking the piss out of Christians like I did in 2007. But you can include this in your War on Christmas lists and pass it around too. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in pageviews.

In the end, it’s a holiday for children. Any adult who takes it seriously, whether as something to be revered or reviled is a dummy.

Don’t forget to buy your BFW books before the holiday sale ends! I’ll post one last reminder before holiday delivery becomes impossible.

Next Week: Last Minute Gifts

Merry Atheist-mas

If you didn’t get this in the mail, it’s either because I don’t know you, don’t have your current address, my sloppy handwriting was rejected by the post office, or you stink of gelt. But merry Xmas anyway!

It is my sincerest hope to incorporate a bearskin rug and/or mounted game into next year’s xmas card.

After the jump, some xmas vids for you to enjoy while avoiding your family. Continue reading Merry Atheist-mas